Artefactory Hausaufnahme Upper Farm mit Garten bei Dämmerung
Artefactory-Skulptur in mitten eines runden Teichs auf Hof
Artefactory Landschaftsaufnahme im Garten


Bettina Conze am Pool vor Skulptur Coming Together

Born in Bonn, Germany, Bettina Conze gained a degree in Economics from Cologne University and worked internationally in Marketing and Consultancy.

In 1999, she decided to follow her passion studying Interior Design.

Over the next 20 years she travelled the world with her family, developing and transforming houses inside and out into elegant, laid back and artistic homes.

In 2020 Bettina founded Artefactory to make beautiful, inspiring and affordable art available to a wider public. Join us in experiencing through our collection the powerful harmony between art and nature.

Whilst art and architecture are her passion, she finds inspiration in philosophy, nature, history and particularly while travelling.

Artefactory-Skulptur Serenity nach 3D-Druck
Artefactory-Skulptur Passion Aufnahme von rechts
Artefactory-Skulptur Passion Aufnahme von links
Artefactory-Skulpturen Serenity und Passion Gallerie

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